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2 mars 2009 1 02 /03 /mars /2009 12:36
Julien Clerc sera dans l'émission " Le Pont des Artistes" diffusée le samedi 14 mars.
L'enregistrement de cette émission se fera en public le mercredi 11 mars , pour participer:
Rendez-vous le mercredi à 18h00 dans le grand hall de la maison de Radio France.
Entrée libre sans réservation, dans la limite des places disponibles, début de l'enregistrement au studio Charles Trenet à 19h30.
Pour les groupes, téléphonez au 01 45 25 10 45.

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Published by Julien Clerc - dans médias
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GS3 16/04/2011 04:51

But the most fun games than little princess, her first jumped up and said: "Great, finally we can see Big Ben fights the dragon flying in the air, and Oh ... ..."

Grateful to hear Secretary of State looked at each other.

Queens pulled a little princess, the point about her forehead, said: "You little naughty really fear the world into chaos, you!"

Hehe the little princess laughed.

Accompanied with all the officials came to the palace of the emperor Yanwu field, the center stands on top of Chu Han magnificent hall, the Queen accompanied by the side, flanked by several princes
and two princesses, several junior ministers sitting in the stands on the stay.

Dragon Knight in three people went to the site of a central, sky and shouts and the sound like muffled thunder rolling in general, far transfer go through. When a small black spot appears from
afar, more and more black spots, a six, Qi Zhang Yanwu long dragon flew over the field, endless circling in the air.

Dragon Knights that were waved in the air, dragon straight down and landed on his side, the presence of an Dangqi wind, so that those civil exclaimed again and again.

Dragon Knight flying leap Longbei, facing the crowd the crowd said: "Some things need in hand before the first note, the three of us can not be a continuous battle, so can only elect some
representatives Chu, preferably nine, we then three per person, subject to a one play. "

This name is very vain dragon knight, meaning, three of Chu Yang Yingjie also arrived in the country without God, a dragon rider, attracted a lot of rage against the sound of the moment.

Sunkist Fuchu all sit together, Laodu strange small channel: "crazy enough, but there are mad capital." He turned to Chen Nan said: "You know, Tianyang country is small, but many practitioners ,
domestic advanced practitioners is not less than the state of Chu, the absolute master of this country should not be overlooked out. "

ELSA D 30/05/2009 01:09

Très belle soirée à Conflans ! Merci Julien pour cette émotion, et tout ce talent que vous nous offrez !

nadine 25/05/2009 16:45

julien et sa musique c'est une longue histoir
j'ai 53 ans c'est par defi et revolte aux parents
qu'il est devenu mon chanteur preferer
maintenant c'est une histoir de vie
julien a traverser tout les moments de ma vie

cosette 23/05/2009 10:54

Vous ne devez pas avoir vu le même Julien que nous!!
Le nôtre... c'est tout le contraire!! ; )....et j'ai le même âge que vous.... au moins....

cosette 23/05/2009 10:53

Vous ne devez pas avoir vu le même Julien que nous!!
Le nôtre... c'est tout le contraire!! ; )....